FSC beech wood

FSC beech wood

Chairs straight from the manufacturer, made in Poland
The frame is made of high quality knotless beech wood
Ground, polished and rounded elements
High quality
Solid construction
Light and easy to transport and store
Riveted frames, metal elements do not protrude beyond the outline
Impregnation possible
It is possible to make prints on fabrics
The material can be remove
Possibility to order only the frame with mounting inserts

We offer full personalization for advertising products

Full Offer

A classic director’s chair, in various dimensions on special order

Folding, comfortable garden chair

length: 470mm
width: 530mm
height: 830mm
slat cross-sections: 36x22mm

A more comfortable equivalent to the director’s chair, it appears more frequently in production

A simple stool
different dimensions

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